What and where to eat in Lake Toba

There are no lack of local Indonesian food here from restaurants in Tuktuk (the main road) varying in both costs and quality correspondingly. Here to add on to the air, magic mushrooms and respective happy herb pizza can be found as well. Drinks are also no lack here, with numerous bars dotted around, but best to simply get it out of your guesthouse.

The way to arrive there
Fly in to Medan and after that traveling by land to Parapat, a town adjacent to Where To Eat in Lake Toba. It’s 4 hours trip away from Medan from bus. Or you may take a taxi cab or scheduled an automobile from Medan airport to Parapat.

Else you can fly from Medan Polonia airport to Silangit with Susi Air daily, for only half an hour and safer than the road trip. However the flight prices will be around 38USD one way.

The way to get around
Local people transports is the boat in the lake. Public Boats from Parapat and surrounding areas for example Tuktuk or Tomok in Samosir Island is around 7,000 Rp each trip.
You may also employ a motorcycle if you prefer to have some versatility and control, though roads can be tough. Else if only going nearby, a bike can be leased as well for a nominal fee.
Where to go nearby
Go for Orangutan Trekking to grab a glimpse at the rare Sumatran Orangutan in Bukit Lawang, only 90km northwest of Medan.
Head off for a dip at beautiful PulauWeh (Island) off the coast of Sumatra.
Bring a raincoat or equal as rain is common here and may be random. In addition bring mosquitoes repellent.