Planning Bathroom Renovations Step by Step

Owning a home is just part of building a well-rounded life. People usually work for years to save enough for just the down payment on their home. The typical first-time buyer isn’t going to be able to afford their dream home right away. Sometimes it’s necessary to invest in a bit of a project home. This means it might take a little work to make the property look nice enough to make a great impression on visitors or just to add a little style. Renovations are in order, and that means lots of planning. It’s important to take time and plan ahead for the project rather than jumping in head first. The average renovation costs at least two thousand dollars and might take weeks to complete. In most cases, bathroom renovations are a good place to start.

The bathroom is most likely the smallest room in the house, so it won’t’ cost as much or take as long to finish. Although the bathroom is smaller, it’s still a major investment. It’s important to start with a proper plan from the beginning. The project should start with a list of goals. For example, if new fixtures are needed it’s a good idea to start with a list of which fixtures will need to be replaced. This list will be easier to sort if items are broken into like and dislikes. Utilities are the most important part of a bathroom renovation. Plumbing and electrical renovations should be taken care of while the room is in construction. Moving outlets and pipes in the bathroom will be much easier once the cabinets and walls are dismantled.

Measurements are very important for any renovation. Knowing how much space is available will make it much easier to decide where everything is going to be located. Adding in finishing touches will be much easier if the homeowner knows exactly where everything is going to go. When choosing colors, the 60-30-10 rule can really make the room pop. Sixty percent of the room should be the main color, thirty percent of the room should be the secondary color, and ten percent should be an accent color that brings out the rest of the room.

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