Medan City and Its Various Landmarks to Explore

The utterly modern medan city is the one place you should direct your attention toward next holiday season. Medan is a complete package of entertainment that never ceases to give you a string of unforgettable holiday moments to bring back home. The city is rich in culture; it was and is still one of Indonesia’s renowned trading hubs that connect other cities in different provinces and even in different countries. This contributes to the city being popular among traders and merchants that people from different backgrounds flock there to conduct their trading.

As a result, medan city center has now been filled with landmarks bearing styles and influences from several countries such as the Middle Eastern, Malay, and Chinese. Some of them even display styles that hint at an encounter with European cultures, especially Spanish and Italian. With a landscape that also includes several modern architectures, seeing these culture-laden buildings standing next to places such as shopping malls should give you a tremendous feeling because a scene like this is not something you find easily anywhere in this world. The city is also loaded with tons of culinary selections. You can also see the mixture of different cultures in Medan’s collections of food as they are oftentimes derived from the originals.

Taking a medan city tour, you can visit the city’s best landmarks and snap away your best moments there. A city tour like this is perhaps the best way to travel around the city as it means that you can get an all-inclusive trip, which means you will not skip any one of the landmarks and attractions the city has to offer you. However, as it is a tour around the city, chances are you will miss some of the best gems that can only be discovered once you travel beyond the city borders. However, if your time only permits travel around the city, it would be okay too. The city has plenty of interesting stuff to give you a different kind of holiday. In general, city tour around Medan is divided into three major categories:

  1. Landmarks
  2. Medan Old City Hall,
  3. Medan Post Office,
  4. Tirtanadi Water Tower,
  5. Warenhuis,
  6. AVROS,
  7. Tjong A Fie Mansion,
  8. The London Sumatra building,
  9. TitiGantung Bridge,
  10. Inna Dharma Deli Hotel.

Some of these landmarks still bear their distinct Dutch architectural influences. Some others feature even bigger Islamic influences:

  1. The Maimoon Palace, a royal quarter dedicated to Deli Sultan,
  2. Medan Grand Mosque, which bears strong Moroccan influence.

Other landmarks are dedicated for other religions in Medan:

  1. GunungTimur Temple, Medan’s oldest Taoist temple,
  2. MahaViharaMaitreya and MahaKaruna Buddhist Center,
  3. Medan Cathedral, the city’s oldest church,
  4. Sri Mariamman, the city’s first Hindu temple,
  5. Graha Maria AnnaiVelangkanni.
  6. Shopping
  7. Rame Market,
  8. Petisah Market,
  9. Old fish market
  10. Beruang market,
  11. Hong Kong Market,
  12. Sambas Market,
  13. Aksara Market,
  14. Sun Plaza,
  15. Center Point,
  16. Cambridge City Square,
  17. Medan Focal Point,
  18. Hermes Place,
  19. Medan Fair.
  20. Theme Parks
  21. Hairos Water Park,
  22. Wonder Water World,
  23. PantaiCermin Theme Park,
  24. HillParkGreenHill City.

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