How to Spruce Up Your Office Space Walls with Texture

A great way to add some visual interest to plain walls is to add a little texture to them. There are virtually endless designs that you can play with, and combining texture with the right color can add just enough pizzazz to an office space.

Adding texture is best used when it is focused on one wall as opposed to all walls if the wall space is oversized. While texture can add visual appeal, it can also be distracting if overdone.  Here are a few ideas for adding texture to walls in your office space.

Add Some Distinctive Molding

There are various molding treatments that you might want to consider for your wall. These may include vertical strips, squares, or even a combination of both. You might also want to add some wainscoting to the walls for a classy look. You can then paint the molding in a neutral hue, either the same color as the wall or in a contrasting color to add some depth.

White-Painted Boards

Lining the walls with white painted boards can help blend natural texture with a clean, crisp and contemporary look. Depending on how natural you want the wall to look, you might want to incorporate small variations in the gaps between boards to add a little character.

Stacked Limestone

There’s perhaps no better way to perfectly blend a natural and contemporary look than with stacked limestone. You can go light or dark with this natural material and you may also choose the thickness of each piece to create a unique look to the wall in your office. Commercial interior design firms often use this material to create a modern yet natural look.

Grass Cloth

Grass cloth can provide just enough texture to make a statement, yet it’s still subtle. This type of material comes in a host of different colors to help you create a unique look for your office space.

Faux-Painted Texture

When done right, faux painting is a great way to add some natural-looking texture to a wall. Paint it in various neutral shades to create a calming look with a little bit of a punch.

Create Textural Illusion with Wallpaper

There are tons of wallpaper designs out there, some of which are designed to mimic the look of texture while still being flat paper. Look for wallpaper that features a geometric pattern that gives off the convincing illusion of actual molding.

When it comes to adding texture to walls, the options are seemingly endless. To make sure you get it right, consider working with the experts in commercial interior design to help bring your office space to life.

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